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2020 MFA, Pacific Northwest College of Arts -- Visual Studies


2018 BA, University of Oregon -- Art and Technology


2020 The Shape of Content Art from Afar,Off the Cost, Online Exhibition

2020 Time to Draw the Line, PNCA, Portland, Oregon

2020 Felt Deeply-Textiles and Immigration, PNCA, Portland, Oregon

2019 Not Welcome, PNCA, Portland, Oregon

2018 Potentialization and Actualization, PNCA, Portland, Oregon

2018 Mohammed Murshed - Bachelor of Arts in Art & Technology '18, Eugene, Oregon

2018 Spring Storm 2019 - Sixth Annual Senior Art Show, Eugene, Oregon


2020 Focus Week Alumni Student Connection,  Lust Caveat, Collaboration with Angelíca Milián Lozano, PNCA, Portland, Oregon


2020 Journalistic Learning Initiative, Interview by Ryan Nakano

2019 Using Art to heal from War in Yemen, Unesco Interview, Eugene, Oregon


2019 Teaching Assistant, PNCA, Portland, Oregon


2019 Smart Works, Design Lab in summer, PNCA, Portland, Oregon

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