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The Unveiling

      I am unveiling the truth using scarves. Artists have a voice that we should use; our voice is our instrument to share our experience. Also, it is a tool that can start a war or end it.


It also can produce powerful words. I had been told that my voice could get me into critical issues and problems. It would help if one had a messenger who had been in the trenches, lived it, and felt the pain of the people, delivering the result for the people. 

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between women and men in Yemen 

comes not only from the customs, traditions, and misconceptions of religion but also from the government itself. There are very unfair laws against women and girls such as Article 232 of the Crime and Penal Code, which allows for "honor killings" and reduces the punishment for the perpetrator. The absence of the necessary laws is also a reason for a lot of discrimination, such as the absence of a law prohibiting marriage under the age of 18. There are no specific laws criminalizing and punishing violence against women.

United Nations, “Yemen: Republican Decree, By Law No. 12 for 1994, Concerning Crimes and Penalties.” (Refworld. April 5, 2020.)

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